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Young Stars Scouting Service

Young Stars is developing the Young Stars Athletic Scouting Service to assist middle school and high school students receive college scholarships. The Woodlawn Foundation will serve an important role as one of our many partners. More information coming soon.

Joe Brown ( President and CEO )

Young Stars INC 


The Fairfield Young Stars Youth Development Program has been created to give the youth of Fairfield and surrounding areas an equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Programs will consist of Basketball, Dance and Performing Arts. Parents can register their Young Stars by first coming to the Fairfield Community Center and filling out a registration form and then setting up a meeting with Joe Brown from the Mayor's office to discuss rules and regulations and how together we can establish a plan to assist you in accomplishing the athletic and academic goals you have for your child. No resident of Fairfield will be turned away due to inability to pay. Scholarships will be available however no disrespect or lack of discipline will be tolerated! Mr. Brown will return all calls personally.  Unless you talk to the Mayor and he gives me sometihing in writing... This is the only thing I am allowed to discuss.. My personal friend Mrs. Apryl Kelly from Young Stars will answer all questiions about contracts and other legal documents to best protect the Mayor and the citizens of Fairfield. Basketball Registration is now open!


Draft Day..... Woodlawn Gym 

When..... Sunday December 30th

Time..... 3pm - 6pm 

Who's Invited..... YOUNG STARS Boys (AGES 8 - 13)

Scholarships and Payment Plans Available!















Young Stars INC

200 55th Street North (Behind Woodlawn High School

Birmingham, Alabama 35212


Phone: (205) 527-1675

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