TR Dunn Joins The Family

Birmingham West End High Schools TR Dunn and Buffalo Bennett High Schools Joe Brown are now FAMILY

Youth programs will be developed in the Woodlawn community of Birmingham Alabama and the Masten District of Buffalo New York that will give at risk youth from both cities an equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Kids will have the opportunity to visit each other as TR brags about the Civil Rights District and Joe boast about beautiful Niagara Falls. The Family was created at the Masten Boys Club in Buffalo New York after Joe Brown (an only child) lost both his parents in a years span. Joes home became the Masten Boys Club and the rest is history. Before his beautiful wife Pam blessed Joe with his own family... The Club Was It! He developed leagues, camps, clinics, high school, college and pro basketball players and coaches all out of the Masten Boys Club. NBA vet Trevor Ruffin told Joe Jr. at a recent event in Coach Browns honor that... I would have never made it to the NBA with out your dad. Bennett high school and University of Pittsbugh star Curtis Aiken recently brought The Family back to Buffalo to honor his mentor with a playground next to the place they all call home... (The Club) 

Mayor Brown of Buffalo has offered Joe an opportunity to come home and develop programs but leaving Birmingham is very difficult. He has built the Young Stars Family and feels obligated to continue until the Job is done!  

TR played college ball at Alabama before joining the NBA as a player and coach for almost 40 years before retiring this fall. TR played his first NBA game in the Blizzard of 1977 in Buffalo and the 2 friends talk about that day. Joe had to ask forgiveness from his daughter Auburn grad and War Eagle girl before the deal was complete. TR will develop Elite AAU teams and training camps with Young Star coaches Hoop, Demp, Drec and Shelly. He will also run clinics for Woodlawn, Huffman, Mountain Brook and Vestavia High Schools. Coach Turner of Woodlawn high school and his coaching staff will work closely with TR and Joe to develop progams in the grade and middle schools that feed into Woodlawn.




                             Our Mission Is Simple:

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