Young Stars

Young Stars is an innovative, creative, and cutting edge 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization that exist to organize, primarily through the vehicle of athletics, a positive safe, secure, supervised environment contributing to an improved quality of life for our area youth and families. All Young Stars projects emphasize character development and changing youth from the inside out. Supporting the development of self-confidence, healthy living, good judgement and character, Young Stars provides many individuals with a thorough foundation for future success. Individual empowerment and self determination will always be strong components of the Young Stars family. We are dedicated to helping each person reach his or her individual potential by encouraging a belief in personal responsibility, instilling habits of hard work and demonstrating passionate commitment to excellence. Young Stars has been able to serve over 1,000 young people and their families per year from help from Friends of Young Stars.

Friends of Young Stars

Joe & Pam Brown

Estelle Campbell Foundation


Goodrich Foundation

Woodlawn Foundation

Senetor Rodger Smitherman

Senetor Slade Blackwell

Jamie & Susan Davies

Bart & Laura Brown

Walter Morris

David Faulkner

Eddie Bugg

Jack Kubiszyn

Along with parents and family members who have supported Young Stars and considered FAMILY!










Please contact Joe Brown for additional information.

Cell Phone: (205) 527-1675

Gym Phone: (205) 510-0095



Joe Brown: Youngstars Basketball INC

Cell Phone: (205) 527-1675

Gym Phone: (205) 510-0095

Facebook: youngstarsbasketballinc


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